Your mind is your spirit

The spirit was just a mere thought factor. Morale can be defined from our thoughts. That's why it is very important to always make yourself motivated and memanamkan in mind that we are able to provide the best results.
Your mind is your spirit
Your mind is your spirit

In contrast to the understanding of many people for this that says that the spirit can be filled out and returned to take a break, experts from Stanford University tried to prove that the opinion is less precise. According to them, the spirit of the wilt is mainly due to sheer mindset factor.

From the results of their research, note the ability for someone to continue working or excited is determined by how much and what extent they are able to do so.

"When you feel the spirit it is finite, then you also will be easily tired when doing a difficult job. But if you feel the determination and spirit is something that is not easily discharged, you can continue and continue," said Veronika Job, researchers from Stanford University .

In his research, Job and his team conducted a series of experiments to test the students on their persistence. After working on the tasks of an exhausting lecture, students who believe that the spirit is limited, have concentrations of poor exam results compared with those who believe that passion is something that can be controlled.

"Students are given the influence that they have a limit concentration should take pause for a moment before doing the next task. But the conviction that spirit is something that is not limited to making other students stronger in facing the challenges of difficult tasks," the researchers said.

In the journal Psychological Science, the researchers said that whether someone faces a strong temptation is very much determined by the power of the mind. They say the results of this study could be a cornerstone belief for addicts to overcome the problem or the workers who often lose the motivation to work.

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