In Rondonia Brazil, no time

Most modern people believe in the phrase 'time is money'. But that phrase will never apply when you go to Rondonia, the border between Brazil and Bolivia.

Because, believe it or not, the native tribes there, Amondawa, never knew the concept of time. They do not have a standard measure of time to be calculated or discussed.

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"For the tribe of Amondawa, time did not exist," said Professor Chris Sinha, a researcher from the University of Portsmouth, the site dailymail.

After researching the tribe for eight weeks, Sinha finds that the tribe is a tribe that has Amondawa 'freedom' with respect to time.

They never discuss next week, next month or even next year. Therefore, their language had no vocabulary 'week', 'moon', or 'year'.

Even none of that tribe members who have a life. In everyday life, ethnic Amondawa only recognize the division between night and day, or rainy and dry seasons.

To recognize seniority and position in this tribe, all members of this tribe will change its name when a new family member was born. Their names will change, because the former must be given to younger family members.

Amondawa Etchnic initially was isolated tribe, and became familiar with the outside world since 1986. They still continue their traditions, including hunting, to fishing, and gardening.

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