Simple Steps of Acne Free

Is there a stain or a pimple that appears on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders? In essence, where the skin has the largest oil glands. Only a handful of humans who are immune to acne, but the key is simple, free the skin from exposure to oil-based products. This is simple steps of acne free.

Simple Steps of  Acne Free

1. Do not wash excessively
Dirty skin does not cause acne or blemishes so that washing face too often it is not a solution because it will menyebabka irritated skin. Wash your face with warm water 2 times daily with soap and oil free so it will not clog your pores and cause blackheads.

2. Please eat pizza
Myths should not eat greasy food or your favorite chocolate is not true. Acne occurs when the pore-Poti covered by oil, skin cells and bacteria that cause inflammation.

3. Drink water
Do not avoid the white water to keep your skin well hydrated. Also choose healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A and E. Two of these vitamins are needed to make your skin stay healthy. As a recommendation, choose spinach and broccoli are rich in vitamin E. Semenatara vitamin A can you be found in colorful fruits and vegetables such as carrots, melons, peaches, and peppers.

4. Do not use heavy cosmetics
Avoid oil-based cosmetics. Choose water-based cosmetics, especially for the cream foundation.

5. Clean makeup
No matter how tired you are after attending a party and of course you need to dress up that look pretty, delete the make-up is attached. Do not let the clogged pores while you sleep that require relatively long time. Your skin needs to be given a chance to breathe.

6. Do not sunbathing and tanning
Do not sunbathe, it's a myth that your skin will be coated. In fact ultraviolet light actually put at risk of developing skin cancer.

7. Do not use oily products for hair
Petroleum products based hair oil will clog your pores. Hair that contain oil and then hung to the face can worsen your acne. Instead, pull your long hair so that dirt from the hair does not block the pores that cause acne.

8. Do not touch face
Touching or rubbing your face can aggravate acne. Do not also shut down your face with hands. Another point guard cell phone carrier to bring oil and germs you not to touch the face. Diligent hand washing for free from germs. (Eno/OL-05)

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