Used cars, How To Check Before You Buy

Businesses buying and selling used cars or car resale is still running normal and is a business that is still promising for business buying and selling used cars or resale. We can see a variety of sales promotions used car or resale is still very high. Even on the Internet appear specialized sites selling used cars or resale, as well as site advertising or resale selling used cars that have been mushrooming.

There are several reasons why some people still there who choose used cars than new cars. Besides the price is relatively cheaper, even when this payment can be made by installments. Ease the administrative requirements were made as consideration for the middle class down to select it.

Used cars, How To Check Before You Buy

There are two main things that most need your attention if you will choose and buy a used car or resale, ie letters or documents of vehicles and vehicle condition. Both of these should become standard for people who intend to buy a used car.

To determine the condition of a used car details, there are a few tips on checks before buying a used car or a car resale should you do, among others:

Car engine parts; open the hood (engine cover), then check the condition in detail. You can start the engine, if the machine was still good, then the oil pressure indicator light will soon die and the sound sounds smooth or flat. Note also the car exhaust fumes, if it came out black or blue smoke, then chances are the condition of the machine that something was wrong.

The body / chassis; you can check by raising one wheel of the vehicle to higher ground, such as sidewalks. Then open the lid all the car doors, when closed doors is not perfect, it is likely the car is never clash even have experienced a collision.

The parts are damaged and / or affected by rust; Inspect all parts of the car, make sure there are no uneven surfaces, when you encounter uneven surfaces, you can ask a direct cause of the uneven surface. And it is imperative for you to inspect parts that are susceptible to rust, such as: windows and doors, guttering (the roof), on top of the mirror and the radio antenna, the part behind the trim, around lights (front and rear) the inner fender, on the lower body and exhaust, as well as under the carpet the garage.

Suspension parts; check by pressing each side of the car to the bottom alternately. The side that you press should be higher than the starting position and fell back into position when you press.

Part tires; try you notice the surface of the tire is worn (bald), note also the tire surface when there is uneven because it can show irregularities in both the wheels and suspension mechanism.

The other part that you need to consider, among other things:
  1. Check the condition of the footwear and pedal pads,
  2. Check the seat cover,
  3. At the wheel of notice if there is noise / sound that is not normal,
  4. Notice under the engine, to avoid leakage of oil,
  5. Ketoklah parts for car parts,
  6. Check the condition of your spare tire,
  7. Open parts of footwear (floor mats) check the condition inside.
Thus some of the tips in the process of checking before buying a used car. Hopefully you're not wrong choice if you want a used car at a cheaper price but has a machine that can still be reliable.
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