Google Want to Be Lord of the Sea 10 Year Again

Mapping the world's oceans to the basics of the ocean is currently being worked on Google. The Internet giant has a target within the next 10 years want to be like Poseidon, the god who controls the sea area.

In Greek mythology, Poseidon was known as the god of the sea lord. Well, this is the ambition that was stated by Google. Only, they are more play than the mapping of marine areas.

"Our mission in the next 10 years is to map the ocean in the world," said Michael Jones, Google's Chief Technology Advocate, in discussion with @ America, on Monday (23/05/2011) night.

Now Google Ocean - which is part of Google Earth - has to be used to view the content of the ocean depths. In his presentation, Jones pointed out that volcanoes are a lot stored at the bottom of the ocean in Indonesia have been able to Google map, in terms of depth, area, diameter, or height.

"You are now even able to 'dive' in the ocean and see the contours in it. Obviously this will be very beautiful in Indonesian waters," he added.

Not only that, Google also opened an opportunity to see the ships passing lane every day between countries. Updated continuously with data from Google's satellite, the user will be able to view the saved ship worldwide.

"By observing that (boat transport-ed) every month, we can analyze the trade routes between ports or between a normal state or not. So if there is anomaly can be followed up," he added.

Jones added the data will be kept updated and can instantly be shared. Surely this is important for maritime country like Indonesia.

"We simply open Google Earth, click the red dot, and we will know the detail his ship. It's important to deal with illegal fishing vessels in Indonesia," he concluded.
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