Left-handed people have a more timid nature

People who do more activities with his left hand or left hand more easily influenced by fear of the people's right hand. This was revealed in the latest research results, which will be presented at the annual British Psychological Society.

Psychologists have found that left-handed people who watch horror movies for 8 minutes will show the symptoms associated with post-traumatic syndrome compared with people who are right-handed. Securities that appear frequently occur in people who are experiencing post traumatic syndrome disorder. Currently, scientists have believed that the results obtained could be new insights about how people develop stress after trauma and how the brain handles fear.

"The prevalence of traumatic stress disorder nearly doubled in the left hand of the man's right hand," said study leader Dr. Carolyn Choudhary from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Dr Choudhary said it seems that after experiencing a frightening event (even just in a movie), left handed people behave like people who suffer from traumatic stress disorder after experiencing when watching a horror movie.

"This relates to how the brain makes memories when he saw something scary. On the left hand, right side of their brains involved in fear more dominant, making it more likely the relationship started from there, "says Dr Choudhary, according to the Telegraph"

Dr Choudhary added that both sides of the brain have different roles in generating stress disorder after trauma. For that further study is needed to understand exactly what is happening in the brain.
Left-handed people have a more timid nature | Najla Alliya | 5


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