Characteristics of Addiction Facebook Social Networking

If you have preoccupation with social networking sites like Facebook, you do not forget the real world actually. Some psychologists even worried about the impact of dependence on up can interfere with a person mentally, although not the only site Facebook who loved everyone.

Well, here are some features of addiction up adapted from several online media on the internet. Please check, if you include one of them?

  1. Facebook has become the internet homepage on your computer, mobile phone or laptop.
  2. You change the status of more than two times a day and diligently to comment on the change status of a friend.
  3. List your friends already exceeded the figure of 500 persons and the other half is almost unknown.
  4. When you're away from the computer you always wanted to check up via BlackBerry, iPhone or other smartphones.
  5. Diligent reading a friend's profile for more than two times a day, although he did not send a message or nge-tag you in photos, videos, notes or other.
  6. You change the profile photo more than 1-2 times a week.
  7. You're reading this while checking up.
  8. You clean the "wall" to make it look old does not go to Facebook.
  9. You become a member of more than 10 groups and respond to every invitation though actually not interested.
  10. You change the status of the relationship only to increase the popularity of Facebook.
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