12 Tips for Better Sleep

s for Better Sleep
Sleep habits is one of the most important issue to bed. That is, you have to lie about it at the same time and tried to sleep the same hours every day (an average of 8 hours) so that your body already knows sleeping habits. Also important is the type of mattress you use to sleep, is important for your convenience.

Another aspect to keep in mind to sleep well is that you must eat, do not you hungry. Do not drink (coffee or coca cola) in the evening or before bed, because they are elements that can cause insomnia.

Similarly, a good sport, because with exercise your body becomes tired and relaxed. Now, try not to play sports before bed, because it will give effect at the time of going to sleep.

Other tips to sleep well is to have the space as a bed according to your desire.

In this article we recommend the 12 Tips for Better Sleep.

1. Stop doing what you do before bed.

2. Do not smoke (nicotine is a stimulant) or consume caffeine.

3. Try a glass of warm milk or a snack before bed (of course, if this does not interfere with any treatment.)

4. Exercise daily, but not before bed.

5. Hot water bath, but not before bed.

6. Keep your sleep time permanent.

7. Get used to sleep when you are drowsy, and sleep better.

8. Reserve your bed only for sleeping.

9. Not having seen an hour when sleeping.

10. Reducing the amount of time in which they were allowed to sleep until you can sleep easily (medical consultation can help in this regard.)

11. List of activities the next day brings worries when it's asleep, so I wrote it on a piece of paper and not worry about them.

12. Stand up if you have not slept in 15 minutes and take a relaxing activity. for example: Some manual work or reading a boring book, until you feel sleepy.
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