Amazon prepare tablets

CALIFORNIA - Latest news stating that Amazon will also enliven the competition tablet PCs today. CEO Jeff Bezos hinted that his company will launch iktu tablets.

As quoted from Consumer Reports, Friday (05/13/2011), when asked about the possibility of launching tablet joined Amazon, Bezos said "wait". But the device is meant by it more as a complement to Kinddle, rather than to replace it.

Bezos said that the popularity of e-books in tablet today as the iPad, the Kindle will not replace specially designed for e-books.

"I do not like the analogy that one product consuming other products on the market," said Bezos

"We are always cautious in responding to this. We will not hurry," he added.

Bezos also said that the tablets may be launched Amazon which will not kill the market share of Amazon's Kindle and other devices.

Rumors warm on Amazon tablet has circulated since the last few months. Amazon Reportedly tablets will be run with Android OS Honeycomb, while the manufacturer is Foxconn which also makes the Kindle.
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