Improve Quality Post your Facebook

Along with the increasing age of Facebook, whether you're posting on your Facebook wall the more casual and less 'bite'?

Consider the following tips from All Facebook to write a post and interesting Facebook status updates:

Improve Quality Post your Facebook

1. Starting Conversations With fishing line

Begin by creating an interesting dialogue and then write a comment to the wall of your friends one by one. Let them know that you actually read and care about their responses. Frequently communicate but not too much care to comment at will so as not to cause offense.

2. Create Something Original

Once in a while does not hurt to repeat the status updates of your friends are quite interesting. But do not forget, also wrote the original made in your status update. Your friends will get bored reading your status update because it just repeats the status of others or simply to write quotations that inspire.

3. Identify Interests Your friends

Write something that interests you and your friends. If you are diligent to write about it, your friends will definitely be interested to respond and comment.

4. Be Positive

It sounds a little corny, but the Facebook team found that post that contains the positive things were more interesting than a lot of comments post a negative tone. Facebook obtain this data by using software Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count capable of measuring the user's emotional response to a post.

5. Use a Common Language

If you write in a language commonly used, based on studies of the Facebook team, will your friends will respond more. This also applies to the style of language, because your friends would prefer a text that is similar to the way they write.

6. Ask Your Friends Into Opinions

Write a status update that contains questions. Your friends will definitely give a lot of comments because, in general everyone is happy to share things they know.

Lastly, look at the profiles of your friends and your own profile. Know what you like and what you do not like, then write an interesting post based on your personality.
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