Facebook hits record 1 billion 'Page View'

Social networking site Facebook hit a record 1 billion page views in June and became the number one site most visited by many people on the Internet. The site was visited by 46.9 per cent of visitors to cyberspace.

That data is done DoubleClick ranking of Google Ad Planner. The data collected is Internet traffic data from various sources, including the Google Toolbar data and DoubleClick ad management service owned by Google.

Facebook hits record 1 billion  'Page View'
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There could be data that is not monitored by Google.

In detail, the data that Google says Facebook has as many as 870 million unique visitors in June alone. While the total over 750 million Facebook users.

The discrepancies were likely caused by the presence of new visitors but are not logging or does not have a Facebook account. So, like a good guest.

Google does not include Google.com or Google's Gmail and other services into a monthly ranking of DoubleClick's Ad Planner. However, YouTube, video-based social network owned by Google, in it.

YouTube entrenched in second place with 790 million visitors. But the number of page views was only 100 billion and as much as 42.6 percent of those who visit the site online.

Yahoo was in third place with 590 million visitors and 78 billion page views. A total of 31.8 percent of their online visit to the site.

Bing search engine from Microsoft is at number 11 with 230 million unique visitors. Total page views 9.6 billion and 12.4 percent visited their surfing in cyberspace.
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