Productive cough

productive cough
Coughing is the body's mechanism to remove foreign objects / phlegm from the upper respiratory tract and lungs. Cough can also occur as a reaction to the irritation of the respiratory tract. A cough is only a symptom of a disease and usually symptoms of cough does not stand alone, there are other symptoms which accompany it.

Productive cough is a cough accompanied by phlegm discharge. Sputum that comes out could come from the nose and sinuses can jg of the esophagus and lung. Coughing up phlegm should not be suppressed because the actual function is to clear the respiratory tract of phlegm. Here are some pervasive condition causing cough with phlegm:

  • Infection with the virus. It is normal if you cough up phlegm when suffering from common cold. Coughing is usually triggered by phlegm in throat imaginable.
  • Infection. Who attack lung infection and upper respiratory tract causing coughing interchangeable. Cough with phlegm could be a sign of pneumonia, bronchitis, or tuberculosis sinusits.
  • Chronic lung disease. Jg cough with phlegm could indicate a chronic lung disease / COPD.
  • GERD. GERD occurs when stomach acid rises into the throat and cause coughing, especially during sleep.
  • Colds. Fluid coming from his nose down into the esophagus and cause coughing.
  • Smoking. Cigarette smoke which entered the respiratory tract will stimulate spending and cause coughing mucus.
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