Google wants to buy twitter

Google wants to buy twitter
Twitter is the second largest social network after Facebook, with its characteristic microblogging. The potential is very big to the point that other Internet giants glance. Google reportedly been desperate to Twitter and want to buy it with very expensive price. But officials decided to reject it so that Google's Twitter fail to have this microblogging site.

DetikINET As quoted from the Geek, it comes from media reports Fortune business. Not just Google, Facebook ever make a similar offer but also led to rejection. Not to forget Microsoft ever consider to buy Twitter.

Had believed to Google some time ago offered to pay USD 10 billion to buy Twitter, a number of very large and may exceed the value of Twitter. However, Twitter's board of directors finally decided to reject Google's offer.

Facebook trying to buy Twitter with $ 2 billion, but that effort failed as well. Earlier in the year 2008, facebook reportedly never wanted to buy Twitter and to no avail.

"Since Twitter is found, the Internet giant wants to buy it and believe these social services has the potential to compete. According to sources, Google is the most serious with the offer of USD 10 billion,"the Fortune report.

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