Non-productive cough

Non-productive cough
Continuing the previous post about productive cough, following the posting of non-productive cough. Non-productive cough are dry and do not remove phlegm, so called dry cough. Dry cough usually occur towards the end of flu symptoms / irritation due to dust and cigarette smoke. In addition there are several conditions which cause dry cough, including:
  • Viral infections. After recovering from the common cold is usually followed by the appearance of dry cough for several weeks. Coughing is usually worse at night.
  • Bronchospasme. Dry cough at night are usually caused by a sudden spasm / narrowing of the channel bronchus (bronchospasme) which among others, triggered by irritants.
  • Allergies. Which is followed by a dry cough sneeze sneeze.
  • Medication. High blood pressure medication such as ACE inhibitors cause a dry cough interchangeable.
  • Asthma. Chronic dry cough may be a mild symptom of asthma.
  • Closure of the respiratory tract by foreign bodies such as food / pill.
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