Sperm Quality Depends on What You Eaten

Healthy sperm are important in determining the success of the process of fertilization. To get healthy sperm, then give your body a good meal.

"About half of the cases of trouble getting pregnant because of problems with male sperm, and sometimes the problem is related to what you eat and drink for someone," said Dr Anne Clark, medical director of Fertility First in Sydney, as quoted from ABC.net.au, Monday (5/16/2011).

Clark said that what men eat and drink can affect how well the sperm are produced, thus affecting the opportunity for sperm to meet and fertilize the egg in the uterus of women.

"Mixed proper nutrition is an important thing in producing healthy sperm, so that a balanced composition would make a person get all the essential nutrients," says Clark.

Eating lots of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium is a nutrient needed to produce healthy sperm. Besides the consumption of fruits, vegetables and wholegrain rich in antioxidants will help inhibit free radicals that can damage sperm DNA.

Of sperm DNA damage can be caused by a number of free radicals in the body as well as folate deficiency (low levels of vitamin B6 and B12). Besides alcohol consumed may affect the quality of sperm due to increased production of estrogen in the liver and toxic cells in the testes.

The effects of malnutrition or have poor nutritional status will have an impact on sperm function and fertility potential. This is because if more than 20 percent of sperm are produced at a damaged DNA will reduce the chances of a couple to conceive significantly.

For that Clark recommends taking supplements that can provide adequate intake of folate, and contains zinc, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E and co-enzyme Q. As well as having a balanced diet can also help prevent obesity later on can contribute to fertility disorders (infertility).

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