Do not Listen to Music Via Earphones

Like listening to music through earphones ...???? Hmm .. be careful of the dangers. Too often heard a loud noise or noise within a long and occur every day can interfere with hearing. European Commission study showed, the habit of listening to music on earphones at high volume (above 100 decibels), more than an hour a day in a minimum period of five years, bringing the risk of permanent hearing loss.

At present, 50-100 million people are estimated to actively listen to music through earphones every day. Based on research, most of them set the volume to above 89 decibels (about 90% volume) to compensate for traffic noise. Hearing loss due to noise is a type of neural hearing loss (sensorineural deafness) caused damage to the cochlea or sensory nerves.

The ears themselves are created with different parts of the functions that work together so that one is able to hear, process, and understand the world around him. However, when the sounds around us are too loud or noisy, the hair cells in the cochlea delicate inner ear (cochlea) is damaged. These hair cell function captures the sound frequency and forwarded to the central auditory perception in the brain.

The results showed that when the appliance is connected to a digital music player with earphones playing at optimal or maximum volume (intensity of about 100 decibels), the ears should only be exposed to a maximum of 5 minutes per day. In volume 90 percent (90 decibels) should only be exposed for 18 minutes. In volume 80 percent (80 decibels), only allowed a maximum dose of 1.2 hours per day. And, on volume of 70 percent (70 decibels), should only be about 4.6 hours per day maximum. Moreover, the risk of noise trauma will be greater. So, should be used on low volume because it will be safer.

Remember the proverb which says, "if it is too loud you are too old?" The more we listen to sounds that are too hard, then we will age much older than actual age because our hearing impaired.
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