Dangers of Wearing Tight Jeans Pants

In recent years, using tight jeans (pencil model) become a trend among young people. Unmitigated, this is not just tight pants, but also attached as a second skin for the wearer.

Dangers of Wearing Tight Jeans Pants
Dangers of Wearing Tight Jeans Pants

Indeed, countless users of tight jeans. However, probably only a handful who understand the negative effects of wearing pants that kind. According to dr. Ryan Thamrin, the use of tight jeans in women often cause problems. Among others:

For Men
The use of tight jeans that too often causes the area around the genitals into heat, so harmful to sperm. Results of research in Indonesia stated that the male sperm quality decline when too often wearing tight jeans. Mentioned, the number of sperm that are usually 60 million per milliliter can be reduced dramatically to 20 million per milliliter.

Scientifically, this can be explained. The temperature is not normal in the scrotum, which is a layer that protects the penis, can have a negative impact on sperm quality because the pile of sweat can not get out in the vicinity of the reproductive organs. So that can cause mold which will increase the temperature of the testes in sperm production. If passed will become itchy and spread to the testicles.

For Women
Many of the women who want the appearance look sexy, so wear clothes that tend to be tight for to show her shape. Especially students and students very often they wear tight jeans, to trousers of this type becomes the primary choice for them. But did they know when to wear jeans constantly less good for health especially for female sex organs.

These jeans are made of material thick enough, let alone the kind of straight jeans or jeans that fits in the body. This can cause a burning sensation in the female organs and trigger the production of sweat a lot. Plus air circulation in the area of ​​femininity also disrupted due to the thick material, whereas the region requires that sufficient air circulation, so the sweat dries quickly.

If this happens constantly then, the area will become moist and easy to trigger the growth of mold. Besides, the risk for irritation or infection is also getting bigger. If this is allowed to continue then it will endanger the female organs that threaten reproductive health. In addition, by using the tights, stomach ache and breathing will also be disrupted because the stomach is always in a depressed state that ultimately the bladder (urinating) and BAB (Toilet) will also be disrupted. Thus, by the fact that the case, then you need to consider if you want to use tights.
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