7 Steps Morning Mood Boosters

Do you ever wake up in the morning with the limp body seemed lazy and get out of bed? Was predictable that many never experience it. When forced to move, so everything seems chaotic. Headache, bad mood, like mad all day, until a misunderstanding with the person you are talking to. Hmm ... so great was the effect of mood in the morning yes. So, lets get back your mood!

Search window
The first step you should do is look for the windows, breathe the fresh air as much as possible even though it was cold and made the hairs on your arms stand up. Opponents feel the cold, until you feel fresh and all life is united.

Listening to music
Make sure you have set up the songs that can make you excited. Do not play a mellow song that actually makes you want to stick to the pillow.

Drink something
Whether it's fruit juice, coffee, milk or dark chocolate, make a drink that can make you literate. When there is a drink that enters the body, fresh feeling little by little will flow, and slowly the mood you wake up.

Give a little time on yourself
Do not think about bad things, such as failing a presentation, an annoying colleague, jam, remove all the bad thoughts. Replace with good thoughts and sweet, for example later after watching the move you have an appointment with a new gebetan, or hangout with friends.

Savour mint
The smell of mint will affect the brain to think positive and enthusiastic. This is why in the world of popular mint chewing gum and aromatherapy.

Walk toward the mirror and smile. Oh, well, ignore your appearance waking. Is not fair if you are a bit messy hair and face are a little crumpled. Then take a comb and trim your hair. Go back a smile and your mood will come back better. "Oh yes I'm ready!"

Make a small gymnastics
Do a little body movement and breathe the morning air deeply. Move the legs, hands, shoulders slowly will make all parts of the skin breathe.

How, already feeling better? If all your heating had been done, let's move into the bathroom and give the best performance for today.

By: Indira Dania Sibarani health.ghiboo.com
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