Kate Middleton Predicted Could Not Pregnant

Bad news comes from a new partner Royal Wedding, Prince William and Kate. Both were reportedly unable to have offspring because of illness suffered by Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton

Princess Camilla Parker Bowles, was mentioned as people who spread the news. According to one source close to Camilla, wife of Prince Charles had told close friends that she could not get pregnant.

"Complications of the illness when she adolescents who may have an impact on his ability to get pregnant," said the source sepert In Touch Weekly magazine reported on Thursday (05/19/2011).

The couple is currently in a strong pressure. Post-married on 29 April, they were required to immediately produce royal heirs.

Prince William was born 11 months after Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married. "If Kate is not pregnant within nine months ahead, he would oppose the British empire 200 years of tradition," said royal biographer, Andrew Morton.

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