Write More for Less Stress

Write More for Less Stress - If you are one among those people that still write diary in this digital era, just go ahead with your good habit. This is actually the effective release of stress. Some people may think that writing a diary seems to be very “girly”, but it is actually one of the best ways to cure trauma. You can start writing on a paper or even in your computer to tell everything about how you feel, what makes you get mad, and more.

write less more stress

The research is already proven effective by James Pennebaker, Ph.D, that observes many people, in which, he finds out that people of all ages would feel better and their trauma would be rather cured when they start writing their worst memories in the diary.

John Mulligan is another proof that writing is a cure to a deep trauma. Mulligan was the Vietnam soldier that got stressed and lost his sense. Then he joined a writing course held by Maxine Hong Kingston. He wrote all the brutality that made him traumatic during the war and day by day he got his mind cleared. He left the course with enjoyment without any feeling of terrified as that had haunted him previously.
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