Why You Should Choose Linux

Compared to the other operation systems like Microsoft Windows, GNU Linux is proven to be more secure against viruses. This is probably one of the reasons why there are more and more hosting and web server that choose Linux instead of Windows server. There are several reasons on why Linux is more secure and tougher against virus.

First, because there is no user is given freedom to change system file except root or super user. So, only super user or root that can install software and edit the file system.

Second is for the non executable can be allowed by Linux. Viruses often spread through the .exe files, and for the inability to execute, we can be avoided from Trojan, worm, or the other malware.

Third is for the absence of registry. Registry is the place where viruses love to hide their information. In Linux, there are only file configurations, which can be changed only by the root.

Fourth is for the absence of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is automatically installed in Windows. It is said that Internet Explorer is the biggest windows bug that can easily spread virus even if we do not use it. Internet Explorer is said as vulnerable.
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