Another Google’s Feature

Everyone today knows Google. The verb Googling is today even officially mentioned in dictionaries. The word Google itself is actually from the word Googol, created by Milton Sirotta, the nephew of an American mathematician, Edward Kasner. Googol itself was created with the meaning of number 1 followed by a hundred of zero. Thus, it means that Googol is more than a million. This is such a reflection for the Google that means how it can manage something unlimited and very huge.
 We often see Google as a search engine with a simple appearance. But who knows, it gives you the hidden and unique treasure to reveal. You can try it yourself, that when you type “google gothic” then you click on “I’m feeling lucky today”, you will find out a dark layer of your search engine. You can also try to type “google gizoogle” then type “I’m feeling lucky today” and the search engine appearance will turn into Gizoogle written on it. Third, you can try to type “google l33t” then click on “I’m feeling lucky today” then you would find the funny types of combination of alphabets and numbers to read. Now try it by yourself.
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