Invisible plane flying 2050

Aircraft manufacturers, Airbus, since last year had planned to make a plane of invisibility. If this idea is realized then the passengers could feel the sensation of extraordinary experiences. They could see the whole scene around the plane.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, the plane was probably on the air and into everyday transportation in 2050. Futuristic plane concept has been revealed by Airbus in London.

Invisible plane flying 2050

There are several changes to the concept of the traditional arrangement of the aircraft cabin. First, the front cabin which is usually for business class and economy will be replaced by a relaxation zone, while in the back row zone for those who want to work. In addition, there is also a bar for socializing place for passengers.

The outer layer will change according to light conditions. The aircraft was also full of entertainment for passengers, such as a virtual golf game. But, the most advanced, there are technologies for the parents who allow read stories to their children at home.

Relaxation in the cabin is equally interesting, here passengers can enjoy a relaxed air that contains vitamins and antioxidants. "Our research shows passengers in 2050 wants a different flying experience, they are also friendly and caring environment," said Airbus Executive Vice-President Engineering, Charles Champion.

Some of the basic technology of this flight plan was revealed. However, about the outer skin or layer of the plane remains a mystery. Years ago mentioned that this aircraft will be designed to have high-tech ceramic skin. When the captain of the plane then the plane hit a button to change the skin becomes transparent, the entire fuselage will be translucent.
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