Photographing with the Sony Alpha, tasteless Not Beginners

Alpha 55 and Alpha 33 can be said is a product that looks more compact but has facilities that allow users to produce photographs that are not less good.
sony alpha

Alpha 55 and Alpha 33 carries the latest technology from Sony. Equipped with technology Traslucent Mirror, present a variety of new functions that were previously quite difficult to be presented on a DSLR camera.

These products replace the mirror box which is used in conventional digital SLR cameras with a mirror box that contains a mirror translucent, so it is no longer necessary to unscrew the mirror like those used in DSLR cameras today. In other words, the object can be recorded by the image sensor and sensor auto focus without having to wait a mirror held every pressing the camera shutter.

With this technology, users can capture an object moving at ten frames per second recording (Sony Alpha 55) and seven frames per second (Sony Alpha 33). Translucent Mirror technology is maximized with a fifteen-point focus on the sensor. Making these products can operate with a stable auto focus function that quickly and accurately when conducting Full HD movie recording.

Sony Alpha 55 and Alpha 33 uses sensor Exmor CMOS APS HD as the image sensor. Can capture images up to 16.2 megapixels on a 14.2-megapixel Alpha 55 and Alpha 33. This sensor makes the two products can reduce noise while using a high ISO.

One of the facilities could be used to reduce noise is a multi-frame automatic, where the camera is recording an object with six frames at once and then combine them into one frame. the chance to try out this facility to get the photos with very little noise even when using ISO 25 600.

Camera Alpha 55 and Alpha 33 is also equipped with facilities AUTO + in which the camera can analyze the object and shooting conditions. So photographers need not fear getting the pictures are too dark (under exposure) or too bright (over exposure).
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