Why are you unhappy?

In this life, surely there would you have, and some are quite you see as the property of others. There is coming, and some are gone.

In this life, surely you will succeed in one and a few things, but maybe you fail in one and a few things.

In this life, you will laugh and you too will cry. So how do you interpret your life, sometimes that's what it fool you.

Why are you unhappy?

So why are you not happy? Maybe this is the reason you are not happy.

First, you compare your life with others so that appears is the "grass looks greener" in your eyes. This causes you to not stop salivating to see other people's lives. As a result, you feel your life is no longer fun and happy.

Second, what makes you unhappy is because you often wished about the past. For example, "If I had ...". A variety of life choices that you have taken your regret. Your life is more often filled with "memories" of the past who obviously can not be returned. You had to be half-hearted live your life today.
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