How to restore ex-boyfriend to hug you?

If you've just decided or you want your ex boyfriend back to you, I know now you're experiencing emotional distress. Today is an important moment, and you are very easy to make mistakes that can make your ex boyfriend further away from you.
 How to restore ex-boyfriend to hug you

First steps to restore your ex-boyfriend :"DO NOT PANIC"

If you panic, you only make your ex-boyfriend more convinced to part with you and make your partner further away from you.

  • Sending SMS hundreds of times (many times texted to say what happens, and want them back as soon as possible.)
  • Calling your ex-boyfriend a hundred times (you call many times though not answered, you keep calling because you're constantly in a state of emotional crisis.)
  • Contact friends or family
  • Arguing Why Relationships End
  • Actions that you do because you do not want to accept the reasons given by your ex-girlfriend, and you're curious.

So what should you do? How to restore ex-boyfriend to hug you?
  • It's not easy, you have to do is reverse of your feelings.
 The first action you should do
  • Agree With Your Relationship With Him It's Drop (ONLY FOR A WHILE ..)
  • YOU MUST relaxed, YOU MAY HAVE PANIC, BUT jgn KWATIR you must demonstrate to your ex-girlfriboyfriend end that you're relaxed and AGREE with the decision.

Why is the way it WORK?
"Because people want something that he could not get easily"
Human nature is always wanted something he could not get, this entry into all aspects of life in work, relationships, finances. Likewise with your relationship, you must show your ex that you are not desperate and you can continue your life without him, When your ex-boyfriend he began to feel the loss you will want to get you back
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