Mississippi River

Mississippi River is a river in the U.S.. Is one of the longest river in the world and is the second longest river in the United States. Has a length of 3.734 km (2.320 mi) and originated from Lake Itasca in Minnesota and culminate in the Gulf of Mexico.

The name "Mississippi"comes from a Native American language meaning "father of waters. "

Mississippi River
Mississippi River

Mississippi spring is in the state of Minnesota, near the border with Canada. Mississippi flows from the south across the central United States. Flowing through the state of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Mississippi Estuary is in the state of Louisiana, south of the city of New Orleans. Mississippi empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

Mississippi has many tributaries. Mississippi watershed covers most of the U.S.. This means that the Mississippi and its tributaries flow in most U.S. states.

Some Mississippi is the most important tributaries (listed from the spring to the mouth of the river):
  • Minnesota River
  • River St. Croix
  • Wisconsin River
  • Illinois River
  • Missouri River
  • Ohio River
  • Arkansas River

Mississippi has become tremendously important in U.S. history. The first time the U.S. into the country, the Mississippi River is the western border of the United States. In U.S. history, Mississippi has become very important for transport by water.
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