Two New Planets Discovered Kepler

Kepler Spacecraft again showed its value. Two planets are detected successfully confirmed by the Hobby-Eberly Telescopes and the Nordic Optical Telescope.

The first planets discovered were Kepler 14b which have a mass 8 times Jupiter and lies in the double star system. Under publication of NASA, the planet orbits its star in a very short time, 7 days. The second star orbiting the first star in a far longer time, 2800 years.

There are difficulties when astronomers want to find the planet. The light from the star so bright planets diorbit not making the dimming caused by a planet not so visible. If not careful, it affects the characteristics of Kepler 14b inaccuracies. But the problem is successfully resolved.

Two New Planets Discovered Kepler

Meanwhile, the second planet discovered is Kepler 17b. This planet has 2.5 times the mass of Jupiter and with Kepler 14b included in the category of Hot Jupiter. 17b Kepler orbits the star about the size of the sun, still younger. Its orbital period is 1486 days, while the orbits of the planets known to the direction of rotation of stars.

Analysis of the star that the planet's diorbit dimming indicates that not only caused by Kepler 14b. As described on the site Physorg, it may be caused by sunspot activity or star.

The discovery of two planets is not the first by Kepler. Earlier, Kepler had discovered hundreds of planets, one of which Kepler 10b-sized 1.4 times the mass of Earth but can not be inhabited by humans. 2020, Kepler is expected to be found 10,000 planets.
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