Data Backup and Restore Utilities WordPress

If you have a blog on WordPress, you should have a utility to do data backup process blog. For those utilities you can use Updraft, a utility that can backup and restore your WordPress data.

Data Backup and Restore Utilities WordPress


You can download the plugin from the plugin repository and then unzip it and upload it to your blog using an FTP client. Or if you use the latest version of WordPress, you can find, download and install plugins directly from the menu of your blog.

After installation, activate it. Then go to the menu Updraft. It's located in the side menu under the Settings area of ​​WordPress Admin. There is the "Backup Now!" To schedule the backup time, and there is a button "Restore" to restore one of the backups are available.

You can also find information about the next backup schedule, the last backup, how many backups are available for download, and a local backup location (note: the "local" in this case means in the WordPress folder on your hosting company's servers, not in hard drive of your computer).

When you do a backup once, a confirmation window will appear. Basically the window tells you that you need to load a page on your blog to trigger the backup.

Another thing you can do from the menu Updraft is automating the backup process. To do that you can customize the backup interval (Manual, Daily, Weekly or Monthly), and others - others.


Very basic action to restore the backup is to click the "Restore". A drop-down list will appear with all the backups available for you to choose from.

To restore, select a backup from the list and click "Restore Now".
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