Special function keys and combinations SHIFT

One purpose of the shift key is installed prevents autorun virus found in flash or external hard drive. And many more uses of this shift button.

Here are some of functions of the "shift":
  • The combination of shift + del key to delete files and folders permanently and will not be stored in the recycle bin.
  • At the time the computer boots, press the shift key to speed up the booting process.
  • When my friend put a flash disk to your computer / laptop, press the shift key to prevent autorun virus on flash disk running.
  • When opening files through explorer, press the shift key and files are automatically transformed into anonymous.
  • If you hear a tiiiit, press the shift key to display the menu StickyKeys. StickyKeys useful to make it easy to combine two or more buttons. so we can continue to execute the commands we want without having pressed the button before.
  • Without a loading screen or splash screen. usually some applications such as MS Word will bring up the loading screen before the application is active. by pressing the shift key before activating the application, the loading screen will disappear.
  • No at all (select option "No" to all questions). when copying the same files to a folder, then there is the option overwrite yes, yes to all, no, cancel. by pressing SHIFT while clicking "no", then no commands will automatically run at all.
  • When ubuntu hangs, just hold down Ctrl + Shift + prtscreen and press the key turns REISUB, then ubuntu will automatically reboot.
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