Some Product LG Year 2011 Revealed, Ber-OS Android and Windows Phone

LG is still somewhat overshadowed by Samsung, which is so famous for its smartphone Galaxy and Galaxy II was.
LG android

Now, LG in 2011 has some new product lines, such as posted Pocketnow site, showing how seriously LG to still be able to play in the arena of the smartphone market with a variety of new and exciting products, both with the Android platform and the Windows Phone.

Some of the latest Motorola product lines include, among others:

  1. LG Prada K2, a smartphone Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) that comes with NOVA 4.3 inch display, memory capacity of 16 GB, and support for 21Mbps + network.
  2. Univa LG, smartphone Android 2.3 is equipped with a 800 MHz processor and 3.5-inch screen display HVGA.
  3. LG Fantasy, a Windows Phone Mango smartphone that will debut in the fourth quarter of this year.
  4. LG Victor, a middle-class Gingerbread Android smartphone which comes with 3.8 inch OLED screen treats WVGA displat, a 5 MP camera resolution, and processor 1 GHz.
  5. LG Gelato, a device that is likely to be towed by the Sprint network with the model number of the LS685, this smartphone technology reportedly offers near-field communications (NFC). This device will be equipped with a 3.2-inch screen HVGA display, 3 MP camera, and an 800 MHz processor.
lg fantasy
LG Fantasy

lg prada
LG Prada

lg univa
LG Univa
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