Sony's Back in Hacker

Hackers breaking into computer networks Sony Corp. again, this time claiming they managed to steal customer data to indicate that the company's information technology systems are vulnerable to attacks.

Marking the latest setback for Sony, after last April hackers stole data from more than 100 million customers following his account. No one claimed responsibility for the attack.

Citing reports Reuters, the group LulzSec on Thursday (02/06/2011) says it has entered into a server running the website Sony Pictures Entertainment, and access personal information of more than 1 million customers Sony.

To underscore the sense that the Japanese electronics giant is not able to prevent intruders on its network, LulzSec publish the name, date of birth, address, email, phone numbers, and passwords of thousands of people who promoted the contest participants Sony.

A spokesman for Sony said that the company has "seen the claim that", but refused to explain.

"From a single injection, we have access to EVERYTHING, the group said in a statement that hackers." How do you put security in a company that lets him open to attack this simple? "

Reuters claims to have confirmed the authenticity of data about the data published by Sony contestant hackers.

The attack comes ahead of Sony's executive committee meeting of Congress to testify about the attack on its network games last April. Representatives of Sony has been criticized as it is considered too late to tell customers about the attack.

U.S. federal trade commission must vote to review the circumstances that led to the latest attacks if Sony Pictures Entertainment failed to use proper procedures to protect customer data.

John Bumgarner, chief technology officer at the U.S. unit of cyber consequences, a nonprofit group that monitors the web attacks, was not surprised that Sony system again uprooted.

"System (Sony) was not safe," said Bumgarner, who last month warned of a series of vulnerabilities on the network identification Sony that he does not need special access to the electronics giant's computer system.

He said last week discovered a vulnerability in the system of Sony Pictures Entertainment recently.

The first hacking attacks in April, which is considered the largest in the history of the Internet, forcing Sony to close its PlayStation network and other services for nearly a month.

LulzSec has claimed responsibility for attacks over the last few months. These groups say has damaged U.S. television network websites, PBS, and post data that have been stolen on its server on Monday to protest documentation "Front Line" on WikiLeaks.

They also infiltrate into website and publish data on the Fox TV talent contestant event to come, "X Factor".

LulzSec also said on Thursday that they had infiltrated the network of Sony BMG Music Entertainment Holland and Young. It was disclosed before the attack on Sony Music Japan, reported Reuters. (Aef / An)
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