6 Ways to Easily show your love

Men and women confused show love towards their partner. Actually, love does not always have to be shown with the words, send flowers or a romantic greeting card.

6 Ways to Easily show your love
Some simple actions were able to show that he's special in your eyes. Here are some simple measures that you should do, 6 Ways to Easily show your love as quoted by MSN Lifestyle:

1. Food made
Find out what his favorite foods and take time to cook it, though not too fancy. For example, by cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast or soup with bread. This will make the couple fall in love despite the results of your cooking is not too perfect.

2. Giving Compliments
Sincere compliment is a statement that the goodness or excellence in one's own. Surely everyone is happy to be praised. Moreover, if the compliment comes from her partner. Be sure to give praise in accordance with your conscience, do not lie! The he would better appreciate what is said honestly.

3. Respect Your Spouse
Appreciate everything your spouse has done. For example by saying "thank you" for what he's done or it could be by saying "you have made me comfortable." Such sentences have been told that he did successful.

4. Give Surprise
Give a surprise that is not easily forgotten, for example by making a surprise birthday party attended by family and close friends. You also can give the him a surprise by a sudden romantic dinner. Try to surprise them sink so it will always be remembered ..

5. Be honest in your lover
If you do not like being lied to your partner, then you also have to be honest about it. If you do not have the courage to talk about it, you can create a list in the paper about your actual shortage, and whatever mistakes you have done. What do you make it to inspire the him to do the same so there is no longer hidden among one another.

6. Say you Feelings
Say your feelings directly in front of him, not through intermediaries such as telephone, email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or fuel. The he will be more appreciated if you speak directly and more aware of how serious you are with him.

Source: MSN Lifestyle
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