The Failures May Happen to Windows XP

Time by time, technology is developed fast and we often feel that we can be out of date if we do not chase it in a day. Windows itself has been developed to Windows 7 until today, but there are still many people that have the other versions of Windows, such as Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Windows XP is the oldest version among Windows Vista and Windows 7, but it is still popular among the users. Anyway, there are some troubles that we shall know that often happen to the rebooting of Windows XP so that we can handle and resolve it.

First is about the initialization of BIOS, in which the failure can be found from the electricity shock and lightning. Second is in the initialization of Master Boot Record where BIOS would check MBR and start the sequence of booting. The failure in this part is on the message of “Missing Operating System” that means the access denied. The third is on the Initializing of Partition Boot Record. Here, the tasking is to check about the availability of the file booting necessary. The failure here is on the unknown partition that will appear a message “Invalid Partition Table”.
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